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Sidra Menéndez

Designation of Origin Sidra de Asturias.

Since 1940 Sidra Menéndez elaborates traditional cider.

The elaboration of natural cider begins in October. The apple is collected manually, a process that lasts until the end of November each year. During these two months are collected the different apple varieties according to their optimum maturity, an essential feature to achieve that the apple acquires the adequate chemical and microbiological composition. Specialized staff reviews all the fruits, rejecting those that do not meet adequate quality parameters (optimum maturity, cleaning, etc.).

Then, apple is washed and selected and passed through a manual picker, where is performed a second quality control prior to shredding (MAYADO) and it is pressed to obtain sweet cider or must.

The following process is the fermentation in different stainless steel barrels or wooden barrels at a controlled temperature, allowing for adequate fermentation by the action of endogenous bacteria and yeasts.
A resting stage and maturing and the cider will be ready for bottling.