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  Designation of Origin "El Bierzo"

The Bierzo región is located in the northwest of the province of León, in the autonomous community of Castilla y León.

Irrigated by many waterways around Sil River, the county of Bierzo is known for its fields of vines. The geomorphological and climatic characteristics of El Bierzo favor the cultivation of the vine, which is the most widespread and traditional in the agricultural of the region.

It is a rich and fertile plain which has its own characteristics in terms of soil and climate because being surrounded by mountains that protect it from wet and cold Atlantic wind.

The wine elaboration is exclusively with authorized grapes varieties. Between red grapes, the most important is the Mencía grape, and between white grapes Godello and Doña Blanca.


Bodega La Cava del Bierzo

Its facilities are located in Valtuille de Abajo in the heart of the vineyards of Bierzo. Although they have a facility designed to triple production, currently harvest is limited to 100,000 kg of grape Mencia, allowing the development of their brands with special care and limited production.

In the aging cellar we can find a small amount of selected French and American oak barrels, used to elaborate Crianza wine and some French oak for Galanto young oak wine.

The vineyards are mainly cultivated “en vaso”, and they are usually small areas with more than 60 years old, although in the most modern areas about 15 years old, the vines are grown on trellises.

The vineyard is placed in different villages: Valtuille de Arriba, Valtuille de Abajo and Villadecanes, belonging to the Bierzo and Villadecanes municipalities.

The vineyards spread over 15 Ha which are carefully cultivated. They provide us with a wonderful raw material with which we can elaborate our quality wines.