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  Designation of Origin "Priorato"

It is located in the province of Tarragona and is one of two Spanish Designations of Origin recognized with the highest quality to be Qualified Designation of Origin. It occupies an area of approximately 1,888 hectares.

The vineyards are seated in a mountainous area with volcanic origin and steep slopes on slate soil called Llicorella, so that the cultivation is done in vineyard terraces. The climate is mild and dry, with marked fluctuations in temperature between day and night.

In this Designation of Origin predominates red wine made from Cariñena grapes, which is the key to their current wines. Is also used Garnacha and Peluda, and to a lesser extent, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. Is a maroon color wine, very intense aroma, high alcohol, dense flavor and rich. The white wine is produced using white Garnacha, Macabeo and Pedro Ximenez. The rose wine is also made with Grenache and generous wine. 

Bodegas Solá Classic

The origin of these wines dating back to the close relationship between the Barceló family and winemaking. One rosette placed above the main entrance of the farmhouse "Mas Hereu" confirms that this relationship goes back to the eighteenth century.

These wines are elaborated with traditional methods, starting with a manual harvest, where each bunch of grapes is carefully separated from the vine, is deposited in baskets and then is selected to make the coupage (blend)according to the criteria of the expert winemaker, who controls, at all times, all factors influencing the quality of the grapes.

Every day, we select the best grapes, working the vineyards with the affection and respect they deserve, as their ancestors did, to keep that noble character that have the Priorato wines, and thereby obtain year after year his harvest.