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The hams and cured meat are foods with a great gastronomic tradition in our country, as part of the Mediterranean diet and our culture. They are highly appreciated by the national population and by consumers in other markets worldwide, who enjoy Spanish sausages and hams. They all come from pork, but depending on the breed, we have Iberian ham (Iberian pig) or those generically called cured meats and Serrano ham (white pig).

In relation to the Iberian ham, it is classified according to the amount of acorns that the animal has consumed before his sacrifice and thus we have:

- Iberian ham "Cebo" with feeding based on feed (cereals and legumes)

- Iberian ham "Recebo" with feeding based on feed (cereals and legumes) and acorns

- Iberian ham "Bellota" with feeding based on acorns, herbs, cereals and legumes

The Serrano ham is classified according to healing time in:

- Serrano ham "Bodega": Healing 9 to 12 months

- Serrano ham "Reserva": Healing 12 to 15 months

- Serrano ham "Gran Reserva": Healing over 15 months

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