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The production and consumption of liquor and also in the case of "aguardiente", were always in paralell with the development and advancement of this wonderful invention that is the alembic, essential element for obtaining distillates.

Liqueurs are flavored hydro-alcoholic drinks. They are obtained by maceration, infusion, or distillation of various natural plant substances, with distilled flavored alcohols or by additions of extracts, essences or authorized aromas, or a combination of both, colored or not, with high sugar proportion. It has a alcohol content higher than 15 degrees and can exceed 50 grads. Differ from spirits drinks in their degree of sugar content.

Cacao Pico

Destilerías Pico is located in the city of El Puerto de Santa María in the "context of Jerez", traditional area in wines and liqueurs.

It was founded in 1.824 by D.Manuel Pico and after 3 generations as a family business, in the year 1.940 it becomes in a society called Destilerías del Cacao Pico, S.A.. It is in 1.952 when it passed into the hands of brothers Merello, which are current owners of the business. The small size and the family character are constant throughout the life of the distillery; this has allowed a consolidated client portfolio with a loyalty that has been maintained over the years.


Doniene Gorrondona

The distillery is composed of a bench with five cooper alembics in which is distilled, using traditional methods, our own selection of bagasse of grapes Hondarrabi zuri and Hondarrabi beltza, resulting in this aguardiente that stands out by its aromas.

We are currently the only winery in the Basque Country that has its own distillery in full production and where is make the white aguardiente and the macerate herbal aguardiente with a selection of herbs. The sweetness wraps the result of this maceration.