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Mundo Pastel

All in tartlets and cake bases.

They offer a quality product, 100% natural, no preservatives or dyes and, most importantly, made without water, so they are very resistant. It can be filled with any liquid or solid, allows baking (including microwave) and can be frozen and thawed without problem. 



Chocolates Trapa specializes in making chocolates since 1864.

With over 115 years in the market, Trapa has a market share of 71% among Spanish consumers and their quality is visible in the world because it has wide acceptance outside Spain, with increased its presence ever more in America, Eastern Europe and Asia.

Chocolate Expréss

Company founded in La Coruña in 1930 dedicated to the manufacture of cocoa products.

Its primary mission is to meet the needs of consumers looking for an innovative product and at the same time a delight for the palate.

All products Chocolate Express, except the chocolate bar with milk and almond, lack gluten and can be consumed by celiac. These products are on the list of food without gluten published by the Federation of Associations of celiac Spain (FACE).