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Cosami Sauces

In gastronomy is called "Salsa" to a liquid mixture of ingredients that are intended to accompany a dish. The consistency of a sauce can cover a wide range that can go from puree to a broth. The aim of the sauce is to accompany other foods as a garnish to improve the flavor, making a contrast or complement, is why they usually offer relatively marked sensations that stimulate the senses of taste and aroma. There are culinary authors referred to sauces as "distiller of desire." The sauces not only affect the sensations of taste and smell, can offer different colors, affect the visual appearance of a dish and sometimes orchestrate different feelings at the same time.

For 30 years, COSAMI is one of the leading producers in the manufacture of sauces for companies. Prepared mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, garlic mayonnaise, kebap, cocktail, brava, barbecue, syrups, etc ...