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Maryper - Mixpak system

The egg is a very complete food and with many nutritional properties. Their proteins are in perfect relationship between quantity and quality of the different amino acids we need and its nutritional value is so high that the World Health Organization suggests this product as a reference for other foods. It is also an essential food in the Mediterranean diet.

Contains Vitamins like A, B2, B12, D and E and minerals like phosphorus, selenium, iron, iodine and zinc, and provides much of the recommended daily allowance.

In 1978 MARYPER GROUP is founded with the intention of marketing fresh egg. A few years later, became a pioneer company in the research and development of eggs and egg products with the development of its patent mix-pak, packing that prolongs the shelf life of products for three years at room temperature.

Today it is a business group dedicated to the production of fresh egg, cooked and egg products tastier and fluffy without preservatives or artificial colors and with all the advantages of pasteurized and dehydrated egg, more natural and with the format more comfortable.

Several presentations: dehydrated whole egg, French omelet, egg whites omelet, oatmeal pancakes....