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All of these cheeses are under the control of the Designation of Origin or Protected Geographical Indication.


Manchego Cheese. Artisan cheese made from raw milk of Manchego sheep 100%. It has a minimum maturation process 30 days to cheeses with weight less or equal to 1.5 kg and 60 days for all other formats. Maximum maturation: two years. Depending on the process of maturation, there are three varieties: cured, semi-cured cheese and slow maturation cheese. 

Campo Capela

Tetilla Cheese. Cheese made from raw cow's milk from Friesian breeds and their crosses, Pardo Alpina and Rubia Gallega. The milk used does not have colostrum, or additives, preservatives or colorings, thus retaining its original flavor and nutritional characteristics. His conical shape is concave-convex with a minimum height of 90 mm and maximum of 150 mm.

Arzúa-Ulloa Cheese. Fresh and semi-cured cheese, elaborated by hand with raw milk from the milking of cows belonging the county. The shape is almost cylindrical, with thin crust and medium yellow to dark color.


Idiazábal Cheese. Cheese made entirely from raw sheep's milk of the Latxa and Carranzana races. Has a minimum maturity of 90 days. About 7 liters of unpasteurized raw milk are needed to produce a kilo of properly ripened cheese.

Quesería de las Villuercas

Ibores Cheese. Full fat cheese, made exclusively with raw goat milk Serrana, Verata, Retinta and their crosses. Need a minimum maturation period of 60 days. It is produced in the Valley Ibor, natural region of the province of Cáceres.

Torta de La Serena. The cheese or cake La Serena is made from Merina sheep milk from grazing area of La Serena region, northwest of the province of Badajoz. His creaminess depends on maturation time. It is called La Serena cheese only if has soft and smooth paste.