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Wide variety of canned fish: tuna, sardines, anchovies, mussels, octopus, urchin roe, crab ...

Innovative canned products as chestnuts in syrup and nettles.

They are available in different formats.

With the most advanced technologies in elaboration and high quality products, we offer the best selection.

The product comes from Galicia, Cantabrian Sea or the Aran Valley in the Pyrenees.


Conservas de Cambados

Over 25 years of tradition in artisanal preserves. All of them are packaged by hand with a careful selection of the products.

Gourmet Quality: Presentation of the can wrapped in a net.




Pickled mussels - Natural cockles - Small squids in olive oil - Small squids in ink - Bonito - Tuna Ventresca - Razor clams - Natural clams - Small sardines in Olive Oil - Zamburiñas in Galician sauce - Octopus in Olive Oil - Octopus in Galician sauce - Hake cake with roes seasoned - Hake roes and lemon - Baby Eels in Olive Oil - Crab's salmagundi with white beans - Melva canutera in Olive Oil - Bluefin tuna delight with peppers - Lamprey in bordelaise sauce - Urchin roes.


Conservas Peña Rey

This factory is located in Santoña, Cantabrian town in Spain. This place holds the title of the cradle of anchovies in olive oil.

The anchovies processing remains artisanal, meticulous and hand made. The outcome and final product quality depends on the skill, cleaning and care of their handlers.

Anchovies with high quality, flexible and firm texture and from reddish brown to a light caramel color.

They are mostly used in salads, sauces and mini-sandwiches with the bread well soaked with oil. But they are also perfect to eat one to one and enjoy its intense flavor.


Caviar Nacarii

It is produced in the town of Les, in the Aran Valley. The sturgeon fish farm of Les is located 700 meters above sea level, along the course of the Garonne River in the heart of the Pyrenees. Its main feature is that it is the only fish farm in the world that is located in a natural setting with pure and clear water from the melting snow, the ingredient required to obtain a high quality caviar.

Each of the cans Nacarii Caviar contains a unique product that evolves over time. Caviar is a rich in nuances, capable of providing a wide range of sensations on the palate, since we only sell fresh caviar, with a no pasteurization process.

On the label appears the date of elaboration and packaging, key information to knowing the ripeness of the product.

The caviar is nicknamed "black diamonds". Caviar Nacarii is one of the best caviar in the world.