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La Jalancina

La Jalancina is a family company founded in 1922 dedicated to the elaboration of artisanal canned fruits and vegetables with premium quality.

The resulting product is exquisite both for its taste and for its careful presentation.

In addition to elaborating traditional jams, La Jalancina has an extensive catalog of products, because often incorporates the most original references.


Peach - Apricot - Plum Claudia - Strawberry - Raspberry - Blueberries - Tangerine - Figs - Melon with Sweet Orange - Mora - Forest fruits - Loquat.


Bitter orange - Lemon - Red grapefruit - Tomato.

Fruit juice:

Peach with orange juice - Strawberry with orange juice - Blueberries with orange juice.


Onion - Yellow pepper - Red pepper.

Fruit with Chocolate:

Strawberry - Bitter orange.

Sugar free:

Peach - Apricot - Plum - Strawberry - Bitter orange.


Orange curd - Lemon curd



It is a traditional form of conserve, allowing you to enjoy any fruit all year, even out of season.

With soft texture and sweet taste, these fruits are ideal ingredients for both sweet and savory recipes.