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Aguas de Sousas

Right from the very moment that the natural mineral water appears of the spring until the bottling and packaging process, the natural mineral water passes through most stringent and exhaustive quality checks, taking into account and respecting at every moment the European sanitary and technical regulations.

Agua de Sousas is mainly characterized by low mineralization, thus promoting the elimination of toxins, oxalic acid, uric and phosphoric. This water is classified as sodium bicarbonate with weak mineralization.

The history of Aguas de Sousas dates back to the 30th of April 1859, the day on which a Royal Order was issued declaring the natural mineral water a public utility. Already during many years Aguas de Sousas occupies a privileged position among the companies of the mineral water sector.

A water with more than 150 years old that remains fresh, healthy and natural as the first day.