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  Designation of Origin "Cariñena"

Located in Valle del Ebro in Zaragoza, has an area of 14,388 hectares of vineyards spread over several populations, including Cariñena from which it takes its name. Nearly 1,540 winegrowers deal directly with the vines, which are undoubtedly the economic mainstay of the region.

The soil, climate, altitude and topography are combined in different ways to give the territory a great aptitude for the wine industry. This combination also favors the existence of different microclimates. The wines with Designation of Origin Cariñena, have a wide range of possibilities and sensations.

The variety most commonly planted grape is the red Garnacha, used for the production of red wines and rose wines; also is used the Mazuelo grape and the Tempranillo grape, while the Viura grape is the common variety for whites wines.


Bodegas y Viñedos Monfil

It is a family business with a long tradition in the world of wine for three generations.

One of the hallmarks of this wine is the perfect coordination between tradition and innovation.

The surface of this vineyard is around 22 hectares, mainly emphasizing the grape varieties Grenache and Tempranillo mostly, but also Cabernet and Syrah come to complement this great vineyard.

Within its wines we include: Monfil (red, white, rosé and garnacha), Carambola and Palacio Fuente Verde.