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  Designation of Origin "Rueda"

Rueda is a Designation of Origin whose production area is located in the provinces of Valladolid, Segovia and Avila in Castilla and León. It occupies an area of 11,739 hectares of vineyards.

The Designation of Origin Rueda has very favorable natural ways for the production of high quality wines, and it is a specializing area in white wines, with wide international recognition. The Verdejo grape vineyards are which occupying a larger surface.

The love for this land and for this grape variety was what led to Victoria Pariente to create wines, whose successes obtained among others by the quality, beyond our borders and with the positioning the brand José Pariente as a reference within the Denomination of Origin Rueda.


Bodegas José Pariente

In order to achieve greater variety of soils and to add complexity to the wine, the vineyards of José Pariente extend for different areas of the Designation. The best farms are located on poor soils in organic matter, gravel soil, a layer of boulders very beneficial for the root of vine, and clayey subsoil and chalky.

The facilities of Bodegas José Pariente have the latest technology needed to care production. Pasta exchangers, macerators, stabilization chamber and concrete ovoid tanks, among other resources, emphasize in the different aspects achieved by the binding of an innovative technology with traditional methods and the dedication of a lifetime. We get as a result, a unique wine where the family love and love for viticulture are printed on each sip.