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  Designation of Origin "Montilla-Moriles"

It extends across much of the south of the province of Córdoba. The rivers Genil and Guadajoz limit their eastern and western borders. The Guadalquivir River, in the North, and the Sierras Subbética, south, defines their contour. However, not all lands within these limits are considered suitable for producing wines under this Designation of Origin.

The climate is semi-continental Mediterranean, with warm, long and dry summers and short winters.

The typical wines from this area are made with different white grape varieties. We can find, according to his maturation, young wine, Fino, Amontillado and Oloroso. These wines darken his tone, becoming Generosos wines, with a maximum alcohol content of about 20 °.

Furthermore, it is original from Montilla - Moriles the sweet wine called Pedro Ximénez, made with this grape variety. Its consumption is becoming increasingly popular, largely because of its unique characteristics. It is consumed as an accompaniment to desserts or as part of sweet recipes, besides being tasted in any other circumstances.

Bodegas Pérez Barquero

Since its founding in 1905, Pérez Barquero has maintained with the greatest care and attention, all the tasks that revolve around the magical creation of the wine: the selection of the best vineyards of Sierra de Montilla and Moriles Altos, the harvest, transport and milling of the grape, the development of the new musts, the tasting and selection, prior to the final destination: the aging barrels. Wide range of local wines: Finos, Olorosos, Amontillados and sweet Pedro Ximénez.

Pérez Barquero has spread its name in every corner of our country, and its products are found in all five continents and appear at the head of exports of local wines.