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  Designation of Origin "Ribeiro"

It is located in the southern part of Galicia, in the northwestern edge of the province of Orense, in the confluence of the valleys formed by the rivers Miño, Avia, Barbantiño and Arnoia. It has an area of 2,767 hectares of vineyards. The vineyard extends from 75 to 400 meters altitude in valleys and hillsides sometimes with steep slope; this uneven ground is solved with terraces called "socalcos" or "bocaribeiras" following ground level. The Designation of Origin Ribeiro, meaning "riverside", is located along the Miño River and its tributaries.

Presents intermediate characteristics between the oceanic and Mediterranean climates that allow maturation the fruit of the vines, retaining flavor and acidity.

The grapes permitted within the Designation of Origin Ribeiro are for white wines: Treixadura, Torrontés, Palomino, Godello, Macabeo, Loureiro, Albariño, Lado and Silveiriña, and for red wines: Caíño, Alicante, Sousón, Ferron, Mencia, Tempranillo and Brancellao.

Bodega Alanís

Founded in 1910, this winery of the Designation of Origin Ribeiro, substantiating its hundred years of history in developing quality wines, based on a careful selection of grapes in origin, with particular attention to native varieties of this area as the Treixadura and Torrontes and a elaboration method that respects and enhances the care of the grape.

Bodegas Alanís has been characterized by create modern wines but maintaining the own tradition of this area.

For the elaboration of their quality wines, Bodega Alanis has the support of more than 200 growers in the area who have professionalized their work in recent years, working with the winery in the various controls that throughout the year are performed in the vines.